Episode #120

Today we’re not here to talk about the latest news in the iOS developer community, but instead to let you know that we’re no longer going to be producing this podcast :(

June 2016

Episode #119

This week, we talk about WWDC 2016 and all the additions and improvements in iOS 10, Xcode 8, and Swift 3.

Episode #118

This week we cover Render, localization of plural nouns, nullable edge cases, and GCD’s main queue vs. the main thread.

May 2016

Episode #117

This week, we cover a robust multi-environment build setup, stateful mixins in Swift, PrediKit, UITextChecker and more.

Episode #116

This week, we cover CocoaPods 1.0, the Swift 3.0 release process, life in the Fastlane, and StateView.

Episode #115

This week we cover CareKit, testing IBOutlets and IBActions with curried functions, useful uses of zip, map, and reduce, and clean iOS 9 layout.

April 2016

Episode #114

This week, we cover the trouble with manager objects, a Swift proposal for mutability and value types, SwiftyGif, and Peek.

Episode #113

This week we cover automatic memory leak detection, Remodel, GPUImage 2, and a WatchKit tutorial.

Episode #112

This week, we cover decoding JSON in Swift, understanding monads, type erasure, and migrating to Parse Server on Heroku and AWS.

Episode #111

This week, we cover how Slack writes release notes, using Auto Layout without Interface Builder, refactoring viewDidLoad methods, Cadmium, and migrating data from Parse.

March 2016

Episode #110

This week, we cover creating a Swift library, storyboard alternatives, Swift extension tips, starting Android development as an iOS dev, and mas.

Episode #109

This week, we cover Swift 2.2, converting static to dynamic libraries,, building command-line interfaces with Swift, and using SpriteKit for data visualization.

Episode #108

This week we cover fast ordered collections with B-Trees, Validated, Swift Enums, and developing an iOS app with React Native, and Advance.

February 2016

Episode #107

This week, we cover IBM’s Swift Package Catalog, migrating data to CloudKit, NSUserDefaults, KBKit, and RealReachability.

Episode #106

This week, we cover RxSwift at first sight, RedBird, Slather, and transitioning from Objective-C to Swift in four steps.

Episode #105

This week, we cover a ClockKit tutorial, a CloudKit and Core Data tutorial, what every iOS developer should be doing with Instruments, and AudioKit 3.

Episode #104

This week, we cover the upcoming Swift API transformation, the Parse shutdown and some thoughts on shortcuts, Material, and seven tips on avoiding Swift gotchas.

January 2016

Episode #103

This week, we cover Swift 2.2 changes, finding memory leaks with Instruments, the #available feature, tempi-fft, and Knuff.

Episode #102

This week we cover profiling Swift compilation times, coping with the upcoming removal of C Style for loops in Swift 3.0, Hipster Swift, and SwiftSafe.

Episode #101

This week we cover Apple TV Tech Talk resources, AgileCloudKit, Testing NSURLSession with Swift,10 Swift one-liners, and IBAnimatable.

Episode #100

This week we cover little things to make your life easier in 2016, fun with Swift,, Dropper, and SwiftVerbalExpressions.

December 2015

Episode #99

This week, we cover, higher order functions in Swift, showing download progress in Swift 2.0, when not to use guard, and Zephyr.

Episode #98

This week we cover, Craig Federighi on open-source Swift, iOS 9 Experience, some Swift tips, and Mapper.

Episode #97

This week, we cover CocoaPods 2015 stats, Futures in Swift, presentation controllers and adaptive presentations, PreciseCoverage, and iOS app onboarding.

November 2015

Episode #96

This week, we cover Perfect, data protection for apps, the Functional Swift Conference, SwiftAlgorithmsClassroom, and using D3 and JavaScript with Swift.

Episode #95

This week, we cover Swift init(), Swift metatypes, Interstellar, Voucher, and Luft.

Episode #94

This week, we cover the singleton design pattern, ShiftJS, Diamond, implementing a small DSL in Swift, and SCTrelloNavigation.

Episode #93

This week, we cover painless authentication on Apple TV, thread safety basics, Stencil, background transfer services, and

October 2015

Episode #92

This week, we cover limitations of tvOS, TVML, weighing plums using 3D Touch, learning Swift Generics, and PhoneNumberKit.

Episode #91

This week, we cover PermissionScope, Hacker News Reader, dictionaries vs. sets in Swift, saving PDFs to iBooks in iOS apps, and Multiplex.

Episode #90

This week we cover Spectre, SwiftGo, NSData, SwiftGen, and Mattress.

Episode #89

This week, we cover Apple’s improvements to WWDC videos, lessons learned with 3D Touch, mocks in Swift via protocols, Eureka, and FlagKit.

Episode #88

This week, we cover diffing APIs with class-dump, statically typed NSUserDefaults, pushing the boundaries of touch control, Swift's guard statement, and SBShortcutMenuSimulator.


Episode #87

This week, we cover refactoring mega controllers, massive view controllers, PSOperations, an iOS 9 sampler, and using Xcode targets.

Episode #86

This week we cover leaving old design patterns, iOS 9 rules for canOpenURL, Emerging Best Practices in Swift, demystifying Bitcode, and taming text and visual effects.

Episode #85

This week, we cover shipping an iOS 9 app with ATS, Swift generic protocols, React Native in production, struct semantics in Swift, and Locksmith.

Episode #84

This week, we cover iOS typography, when to use updateConstraints, moving to Swift, regex in Objective-C, and LNPopupController.

August 2015

Episode #83

This week we cover what’s new with Xcode 7b6, symbolicating crash reports on watchOS 2, Objective-C++, Accessibility and the iPhone camera, and ModelRocket.

Episode #82

This week, we cover getting ready for iOS 9, Swift asserts, best practices for filters in Swift, Swift 1.2 compile times, and CKWaveCollectionViewTransition.

Episode #81

This week, we cover build tips from Square, improving notification center, UIViewController’s view loading magic, leaving view code out of controllers, and PINRemoteImage.

July 2015

Episode #80

This week, we cover Objective-C generics, caching with NSKeyedArchiver, EZLayout, app indexing with Spotlight, and a TDD case study.

Episode #79

This week, we cover namespaced constants in Swift, prototyping in iAd Producer, LLDB expression for code injection, onboarding with Safari View Controller, and SignalKit.

Episode #78

This week, we cover the Swift standard library docs, deciding when to use structs and classes, functor applicative monads, PleaseBaoMe, and iOS 9 Day-by-Day.

Episode #77

This week, we cover Objective-C in 2015, writing unit tests, debugging Auto Layout in Swift, stack views and size classes, and a library called Presentation.

Episode #76

This week, we cover how Facebook delivers high scrolling performance, boxed expression support, Swift scripting, writing compelling code, and UI testing in Xcode 7.

June 2015

Episode #75

This week, we cover Tropos, an iOS 9 recap by NSHipster, testing networking code with DVR,, and DWURecyclingAlert.

Episode #74

This week we cover the Gateway View Controller pattern, undocumented Swift functions, UIStackView, working with IBDesignable, and XcodeServerSDK.

Episode #73

This week we cover Swift 2.0, Exponent, CryptoSwift, Spaceship, and how to make an iOS fractal app.

Episode #72

This week we cover SwiftCov, JSPatch, react-native-sudoku, debugging Auto Layout, and MCMHeaderAnimated.

May 2015

Episode #71

This week we cover testing tools, WatchKit 1.0.1 changes, using View Models to speed up Watch apps, best practices for sign-in pages, and glue factories.

Episode #70

This week we cover Periscope’s pull-to-refresh control, TOCAssetCatalogBackground, Swiftdate, SwiftLint, and Natalie.

Episode #69

This week we cover Stencil, Constraints and Transformations, Redesigning Overcast's Apple Watch App, UIKit.playground, and An @import-ant Change in Xcode.

Episode #68

This week we cover Swifty State Machine, ios-app-simulator-installer, FLXView, Xcode server, and, simply, X.

April 2015

Episode #67

This week we cover WatchKit best practices, an AFNetworking security update, BKAsciiImage, UIBarButtonItem and custom views, and a WWDC app for OS X.

Episode #66

This week we cover developer thoughts on WatchKit dev, React Native tutorials, rebuilding Swift’s Array type, creating a custom tab bar, and Generics in Swift.

Episode #65

This week we cover ResearchKit, spring animation and code signing woes, Core Data in Swift, and Swift-Prompts.

Episode #64

This episode covers the UI/UX pattern library awesome-ios-ui, IGInterfaceDataTable, the charting tool ios-charts, a talk on Adaptive Auto Layout, and NYTPhotoViewer.

Episode #63

This week we cover a new Objective-C framework, some great guides for working with the MapBox SDK, a recap of building Instapaper's new TweetShots feature, the release of React Native, and an opinion on using PNGs over PDFs for assets.

March 2015

Episode #62

This week we cover an Xcode utility plugin, debugging in Swift, Swift in production, a nifty UIWindow subclass, and some tips for getting around Xcode.

Episode #61

This week we cover a tool to help keep your navigation stack controllers clean, some Swift and C benchmarking, how to create a Sketch plugin, a site that helps you track changes to App Store rules, and a simple way to sync with CloudKit.

Episode #60

This week we cover the newest release of CocoaPods, on iOS, an iOS WebRTC demo, using tuples in Swift, and re-imagining UI development with a React mindset.

Episode #59

This week we cover one developer's opinion on XCTest in Swift, another development team's recap of their first Swift project, how a function like map is implemented in Swift, a secure messaging app, and an Apple Watch app that you'll like if you use the Pomodoro technique.

February 2015

Episode #58

This week we cover a prototyping tool from Facebook, a Sketch-to-code plugin, ditching Core Data, a macro to help you control subclasses, and a UI kit for messaging apps.

Episode #57

This week we talk about a more readable way to organize Swift code, optimizing your build process, a timer component, a Core Motion wrapper, and tips for working with Core Data in Swift.

Episode #56

This week we cover the beta release of Xcode 6.3 and Swift 1.2, tracking Swift compiler crashes, a new animation library, creating an event system in Swift, and using YAML to configure Objective-C projects.

Episode #55

This week we cover the IBDesignable and IBInspectable keywords, NSDate manipulation in iOS 8, some thoughts on Protocols in Swift, designing custom bezier path controls, and a view binding library.

January 2015

Episode #54

This week we cover an exercise rebuilding NSNotifications, Artsy opening sourcing their main app, building WebKit in the iOS Simulator, a custom calendar component, and having fun while you wait for a page refresh.

Episode #53

This week we cover a tool for controlling a development device remotely, tips for creating and comparing images with code, a collection of build automation tools, a markdown library, and a library that displays the network indicator when appropriate.

Episode #52

This week covers debugging UIKit, finite state machines, some libraries Venmo uses, an image processing library, a proposal for functional view controllers, and a library for alerting when new updates are available.

Episode #51

This week we cover some developer's feedback on Apple's fast release cycle, making DTrace easier to use, best practices for naming assets, handle JSON responses in Swift, and an open source VPN tool.

December 2014

Episode #50

This week we cover tips for developing custom iOS keyboards, an audio synthesis toolkit, using web sockets in Swift, a Swift state machine, and speeding up Swift builds.

Episode #49

This week we cover the beginning of Firefox on iOS, writing assembly on OS X, a design study of iOS map applications, getting started with Apple Pay, and a library that makes it easier to communicate with app extensions.

Episode #48

This week we cover some thoughts on pricing professional apps, a tool to help provision apps, a company moving their products from Objective-C to Swift, an Auto Layout helper library, and a tool for inspecting memory from a running app.

November 2014

Episode #47

This week we cover the end of pixel perfect design on the iPhone 6 Plus, painful Swift initialization, initial thoughts on the Apple Watch, a helpful view controller transition library, and a new open sourced app.

Episode #46

This week we cover WatchKit, MaterialKit, Eidolon, GitHub's Swift style guide, SwiftKeychain, and SOZOChromoplast

Episode #45

This week we cover an iOS design guide, an animated splash screen, a collection utility library, an overlay view manager for videos, and a vector UI kit for Yosemite.

Episode #44

This week we cover working with font descriptors in Swift, some thoughts on the security of using Touch ID as an authentication mechanism, 2 libraries that turn any view into a live camera display and make it easy to create progress indicators, and a Swift SQLite wrapper.

October 2014

Episode #43

This week we talk about a touch ID login library, unit testing view controllers in Swift, proposed improvements to the UIScrollView contentInset API, playgrounds in Objective-C, and a facial gesture detector library.

Episode #42

This week is the one year anniversary of the start of iOS Bytes, and we cover Swift 1.1 and failable initializers, an open source Swift text editor, keeping your Swift models clean, a keyboard hiding library, and building custom elements with IBDesignable.

Episode #41

This week we cover Teehan+Lax's new iOS 8 PSD, David Smith's iOS 8 version stats, Facebook's AsyncDisplayKit, the CrossNavigation library, and a testing helper called RunLoopRunUntil.

Episode #40

This week we cover problems with building Today extensions, a library that shows taps and gestures for video recording, new code signing rules, building OS X apps with JavaScript, NSFastEnumeration in Swift, and a plugin that saves you from yourself.

Episode #39

This week we cover interactive notifications, location services changes in iOS 8, a flexible text view replacement, keeping fit with Swift, a unique tab bar, and a shape creation library.


Episode #38

This week we cover designing for thumbs on huge screens, a sample of iOS 8 features, using vector images in Xcode 6, a new animation library, and an app security training tool.

Episode #37

This week on the heels of the iOS 8 release we cover some updates to HTML5 and web views, problems Tumblr faced building their new share extension, Apple's attention to detail, a new UI library, a navigation bar that just gets out of the way, and a Swift documentation tool.

Episode #36

This week we recap the Apple Keynote that saw the release of the iOS 8 GM and new iPhone sizes, look at an interesting proposal for moving navigation control outside of view controllers, writing JavaScript that compiles to Objective-C, and some great time-saving code snippets.

August 2014

Episode #35

This week was recorded at the 360iDev conference in Denver, CO. We cover some Auto Layout best practices, security issues in Swift, an opinion on the dynamic modifier in Swift being enabled as a default, a nifty plist trick, and a customizable Swift logging framework.

Episode #34, August 21, 2014

This week we cover some Auto Layout myths, self-sizing table view cells, some issues with UIPresentationController, swizzling in Swift, and a Swift cryptography library.

Episode #33, August 14, 2014

This week we cover a fun way to learn some Swift design patterns, Swift's recent performance gains, Tumblr's iOS architecture, some problems with KVO, and a library that makes it easy to re-create Twitter's splash screen animation for your own app.

Episode #32, August 7, 2014

This week we cover the new AlamoFire networking library, 1Password's iOS 8 extension plans, the GitDiff plugin, a plea for contributors to Core-Data-Editor, and a button animation library called ZFRippleButton.

July 2014

Episode #31, July 31, 2014

This week we cover Flipboard's tools for in-app debugging and displaying animated GIFs, Preloading data into an app with xcappdata packages, a Swift promises and futures library, hacking UINavigationBar's default height, and a gorgeous UIView motion blur effect.

Episode #30, July 24, 2014

This week we cover SwiftyJSON, Error Handling in Swift, a tooltip library called AMPopTip, NSHipster's latest installment about testing, and an exercise in adding a new iOS 8 string method back in iOS 7.

Episode #29, July 17, 2014

This week we discuss a new mobile database called, proper lazy loading in Swift, a custom UIAlertView written in Swift, what's really going on with those SourceKitService error messages in Xcode 6, a new tech podcast, and how to use complex enums in Swift to work with table view cell data.

Episode #28, July 10, 2014

This week, we cover Xcode 6 Beta 3, Nitin Gunatra on the Debug podcast, what Mike Ash finds interesting in Swift, Robert Böhnke's hamburger menu animation, and Kyle Fuller's SwiftCrunch talk on DSLs in Swift.

Episode #27, July 3, 2014

This week we cover some custom object subscripting in Swift, a case for message passing in Swift, Swift extensions that make it easier to work with Double values, re-creating Skype's UIActionSheet animation, and the MGSpotyViewController and MacDown libraries.

June 2014

Episode #26, June 26, 2014

This week we cover additive animations, view snapshot testing, custom dynamic frameworks in iOS 8, making pixelated versions of image views, composing functions in Swift, and a nifty morphing label subclass.

Episode #25, June 19, 2014

This week we cover stories that uncover the Swift standard library, OS X 10.10 (dot... ten) Foundation release notes, a tool to keep track of which WWDC videos you've watched, how size classes change the layout game, building Swift Playground tutorials with Markdown, and a re-orderable UICollectionViewLayout.

Episode #24, June 12, 2014

This week, we dig into what makes Swift tick, replace shell scripts with Objective-C, adopt JavaScript-style Promises in iOS code, compare the UX of iOS and Android, and take control of transitions with ICGTransitionAnimation

Episode #23, June 5, 2014

Swift, Swift, Swift, Swift, Swift, and Swift. Kidding aside, this all-Swift episode gathers some of the initial reactions and early tutorial articles for Apple's brand new programming language!

May 2014

Episode #22, May 29, 2014

CocoaPods Trunk, Avocado, Improving UISlider's Precision, CZWeatherKit, How Apple Cheats, and Designing Office for iPad.

Episode #21, May 22, 2014

MMLayerShots, Avoiding Hamburger Menus, VKVideoPlayer, Bridging iOS WebViews, Building Carousel, and BRSunTracker on this week's iOS Bytes.

Episode #20, May 15, 2014, Orbit, DVOBouncer, DynamicXray, App Links, and WWDC Student Submissions this week on iOS Bytes.

Episode #19, May 8, 2014

In this week's episode we lift the hood off of UIScrollView, contemplate the purpose of iBeacons, display smoooooth alerts, embed a RESTful service in an app, and swizzle on steroids.

Episode #18, May 1, 2014

Facebook's Pop, PushServer, BBUFullIssueNavigator, Variadic Functions, JavaScriptCore at BNR, and NYSegmentedControl

April 2014

Episode #17, April 24, 2014

SCSiriWaveformView, Unwinding Segues, Misusing Tint Color, Skala Color, Obstruct, and MJParallaxCollectionView

Episode #16, April 17, 2014

Xcode plugins SCXcodeSwitchExpander and KSImageNamed-Xcode, XLForm, Dry Dock, UITableViewMore, and jbw-builders

Episode #15, April 10, 2014

Xcode 5.1 build setting changes, ACCodeSnippetRepository, the siren call of KVO, Ejecta, lib-obj-c-attr, and MFWalkthrough

March 2014

Episode #14, March 27, 2014

Tweaks, DateTools, Core Data Potpourri, DZNSegmentedControl, Naming Blocks, and the future of Objective-C.

Episode #13, March 20, 2014

This week we cover Quick Look for UIView, Alcatraz, Ono, Alt Tech Talks London videos, Fui, and amazing interaction experiments.

February 2014

Episode #12, February 27, 2014

Get your SSL/TLS, KVO, animated blurred views and NSUserDefaults under control, and top it all off with a detailed design analysis of the Sunrise app on this week's iOS Bytes.

Episode #11, February 20, 2014's recreating Spark Camera control, Practical Runtime Hackery, iOS Pub Charts, Apple's Secure Coding Guide, and StoryboardLint.

Episode #10, February 13, 2014

Concurrency, a guide to AVSpeechSynthesizer, CRMotionView, CCHMapClusterController, lessons learned building apps on teams, and YOLOKit.

Episode #9

Facebook Paper gestures, Objective-Shorthand, IntentKit, SHTransitions, and STPTransitions this week on iOS Bytes.

January 2014

Episode #8

Simplify iCloud Sync with IACloud, Toggle slow-animations on the device, Example zoom transition using iOS 7 transition API, Building a REPL for iOS using Opal and Ruby, iOS 7 Accessibility presentation, iOS Language code cheat sheet

Episode #7

NSURL gotchas, a kit for shooting bugs, code-free NSCoding (some code required), Xcode shortcuts, block memory management, and the best iOS font list on the web, all on this week's iOS Bytes.

Episode #6

This week's episode may help reduce stress caused by frustration with 'Rate my app' dialogs, using git in Xcode, ugly debuggers and test results, RegEx, and a serious lack of turtle-based programming metaphors.

December 2013

Episode #5

MapKit Clustering, CLImageEditor, MessageBarManager, XAlign, and CanvasPod

Episode #4

Bugs, beacons, Brushes, and... PNChart?

Episode #3

Oversharing, faster test builds, making provisioning a little less complicated, applying for iOS dev jobs, enhancing security through open source components, and motivational lighting, all on this week's episode of iOS Bytes.

Episode #2

Color references, schizophrenic objects, lightweight REST libraries, iOS 7-style progress indicators, and smarter code completion on this episode of iOS Bytes. Oh, and there will be a quiz at the end.

November 2013

Episode #1

Handlebars in Objective-C, floating text field placeholders, hacky associated objects, super fast image caching, and testing mind maps, all on this week's iOS Bytes!

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