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Episode #116

May 12th, 2016

This week, we cover CocoaPods 1.0, the Swift 3.0 release process, life in the Fastlane, and StateView.



App Evolution With Swift

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Episode #115

This week we cover CareKit, testing IBOutlets and IBActions with curried functions, useful uses of zip, map, and reduce, and clean iOS 9 layout.

Episode #114

This week, we cover the trouble with manager objects, a Swift proposal for mutability and value types, SwiftyGif, and Peek.

Episode #113

This week we cover automatic memory leak detection, Remodel, GPUImage 2, and a WatchKit tutorial.

Episode #112

This week, we cover decoding JSON in Swift, understanding monads, type erasure, and migrating to Parse Server on Heroku and AWS.

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