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Episode #52

January 15th, 2015

This week covers debugging UIKit, finite state machines, some libraries Venmo uses, an image processing library, a proposal for functional view controllers, and a libr...



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Episode #51

This week we cover some developer's feedback on Apple's fast release cycle, making DTrace easier to use, best practices for naming assets, handle JSON responses in Swift, and an open source VPN tool.

Episode #50

This week we cover tips for developing custom iOS keyboards, an audio synthesis toolkit, using web sockets in Swift, a Swift state machine, and speeding up Swift builds.

Episode #49

This week we cover the beginning of Firefox on iOS, writing assembly on OS X, a design study of iOS map applications, getting started with Apple Pay, and a library that makes it easier to communicate with app extensions.

Episode #48

This week we cover some thoughts on pricing professional apps, a tool to help provision apps, a company moving their products from Objective-C to Swift, an Auto Layout helper library, and a tool for inspecting memory from a running app.

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