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Episode #67

April 30th, 2015

This week we cover WatchKit best practices, an AFNetworking security update, BKAsciiImage, UIBarButtonItem and custom views, and a WWDC app for OS X.



Code School joins Pluralsight

Code School has become a part of the Pluralsight family. Pluralsight has an amazing collection of over 3500 courses, including some great iOS courses that Code School does not, like Unit Testing with XCTest, SpriteKit Fundamentals, and a primer on Swift.

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Episode #66

This week we cover developer thoughts on WatchKit dev, React Native tutorials, rebuilding Swift’s Array type, creating a custom tab bar, and Generics in Swift.

Episode #65

This week we cover ResearchKit, spring animation and code signing woes, Core Data in Swift, and Swift-Prompts.

Episode #64

This episode covers the UI/UX pattern library awesome-ios-ui, IGInterfaceDataTable, the charting tool ios-charts, a talk on Adaptive Auto Layout, and NYTPhotoViewer.

Episode #63

This week we cover a new Objective-C framework, some great guides for working with the MapBox SDK, a recap of building Instapaper's new TweetShots feature, the release of React Native, and an opinion on using PNGs over PDFs for assets.

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