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Episode #73

June 11th, 2015

This week we cover Swift 2.0, Exponent, CryptoSwift, Spaceship, and how to make an iOS fractal app.



Code School joins Pluralsight

Code School has become a part of the Pluralsight family. Pluralsight has an amazing collection of over 3500 courses, including some great iOS courses that Code School does not, like Unit Testing with XCTest, SpriteKit Fundamentals, and a primer on Swift.

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Episode #72

This week we cover SwiftCov, JSPatch, react-native-sudoku, debugging Auto Layout, and MCMHeaderAnimated.

Episode #71

This week we cover testing tools, WatchKit 1.0.1 changes, using View Models to speed up Watch apps, best practices for sign-in pages, and glue factories.

Episode #70

This week we cover Periscope’s pull-to-refresh control, TOCAssetCatalogBackground, Swiftdate, SwiftLint, and Natalie.

Episode #69

This week we cover Stencil, Constraints and Transformations, Redesigning Overcast's Apple Watch App, UIKit.playground, and An @import-ant Change in Xcode.

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